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Agrotools SUPPLY

The Supply Chain of companies often has difficulties in knowing regional details about the producers that supply them raw material. Only these purchases depend totally on geography, something fundamental.

The connection with the field is often far from the company, not only physically, but almost always in understanding how each producer works. This ends up creating a barrier that blocks the company from seeing certain information about the producers and may reduce the chances for new opportunities not observed before.

The traditional method of taking notes on these producers means that few people in the company concentrate this data that could be available to the entire company, allowing different areas to study them better and thus be aware of new possibilities.

To improve the quality of this data and its communication, the AgroTools SUPPLY digital solution can generate many opportunities for the business. Imagine purchasing knowing the exact origin, the best locations, the most interesting regions, the best markets, among other benefits.

It’s about bringing the geography to the process of buying raw material in a single digital platform.

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